The Dark Side of Christmas Part 2

So what do we do that can make Christmas sooooo dark! A lot of it has to do with our perspective. How do you see your life right now? Good? Bad? Is it getting ugly? When all we can see is the dark, then guess what? Christmas is going to be dark for you and everyone you can influence. Here are some lines I have heard this year (so far).
- I can't afford a 10 foot Christmas tree, I guess I will have to settle for the 6' foot one. (Followed by a string of curse words.)
- I can't believe had to wait in line at Wal-Mart for an hour to check out. I hate Christmas!!! (Followed by a string or curse words.)
- We just can't afford to go see our relatives up north this year, I guess they will have to come down here. (Nope, no curse words here.)
- My kids are not going to get as many presents as they got last year, they are going to have a horrible Christmas. (This one is usually followed by self loathing or out right anger at their boss, the government, the economy, the Democrats, the Republicans etc.)

The whole idea that Christmas has to be the same or better than previous years is a horrible way to celebrate the holiday. Life changes, needs change, people change, economies change - the only thing that doesn't change is Jesus! (Take time to thank Him for that one right now!!) So why do we think that Christmas always has to be the same? It is our security blanket? Is it because that was the way we were raised so that is they way we think it should be? Many of us were raised in a time when change wasn't a prevalent as it is today. We didn't have LED Christmas lights, 5,000 different types of ornaments to put on the tree and more versions of Santa Claus than we know what to do with. Should we return to that kind of celebration? Well that would be a change, wouldn't it?

So what needs to change and what needs to stay the same? Read tomorrow in part 3.