The 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

Day 10 On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me Ten Lords A-leaping...

Ten Lords A-leaping The ten commandments: 1) You shall have no other gods before me; 2) Do not make an idol; 3) Do not take God's name in vain; 4) Remember the Sabbath Day; 5) Honor your father and mother; 6) Do not murder; 7) Do not commit adultery; 8) Do not steal; 9) Do not bear false witness; 10) Do not covet. (Exodus 20:1-17)

The 10 Commandments are not only to be obeyed they also remind us of our responsibilities. The first 4 are about our relationship with God. The rest are about our relationship with each other. These 10 remind us that we are responsible to exercise self control, in body, soul and spirit. It is a shame today that our culture finds excuses to ignore our responsibilities. These 10 Commandments remind us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. But our pride demands that we put ourselves, the individual first in everything. Jesus came to sacrifice His life, to give. His whole life wasn't about Him, it was about us! That is true servant leadership.