What do I love?

So here are a few things that you might not know about me. In random order.

- Betty - Anything I say here just wouldn't be enough. Enough said.
- Anneka - Teaching her how to see and enjoy this world through the eyes of Jesus is the greatest challenge of my life. Really, it's tougher than algebra.
- Family - A gift from God that continually blesses me every moment of everyday.
- People - I really, really do! I just don't know how Jesus did it when they didn't love Him in return. Seems unfair.
- Preaching - I absolutely love telling people about the life changing truths found in God's Word.
- Winning - I love winning at anything and crushing the competition. Before you think this is a bad thing, I really, really love helping people discover Jesus which crushes Satan.
- Coffee - Not all coffee and it depends on how it is prepared.
- Sushi - Not all the time. Only when it is really good. Not to much cream cheese.
- Annekas giggle - She has one particular giggle that I love to hear.
- Macs - Come on! Did you think I wouldn't put that here?
- Marriage - It is the adventure of my life.
- Healing - Miracles of any kind really. I love watching God work.
- Hope - I love watching the light bulb go off in peoples head when they realize that this life isn't everything and that their real home is in heaven.
- Music - I love most types of music. I especially love it when it worships Jesus.
- Praying - It changes my day every time I do it.