Took A Break

Well I haven't blogged all week, apparently I needed to take a break. I didn't know that I needed to, but when you get writers block - well. So this week has been fast and full of life.

- We got approved to buy our house. We will be closing on that sometimes before the 20th.
- Getting insurance for the house and finding someone to do a wind mitigation.
- Getting ready for the Spiritual Breakthrough Weekend.
- Also been getting ready for Vets Day this Sunday.
- I have been trying to find a place to have our Ministers Christmas Banquet.

While all of that is going on - then life has been happening.

- Some of our church members lost their jobs.
- Others are struggling with life, relationships, marriages and more.
- The holidays are upon us!!
- Challenges are presenting themselves at ever turn.

Now don't misunderstand, I am not complaining. However, when life is closing in like this - this is what I have to do.
- Talk to someone who knows what you are talking about.
- Listen to what they have to say. Remember pick someone who fears the Lord, because they don't have wisdom if they don't fear God
- Stay close to God at ALL times. Praise and worship music in the house, in the car, in your ipod - ALL THE TIME!

Don't panic. Stay the course! There is a tendency to think that you did something to deserve all of this. You may be right. But it isn't what you think. Sometimes life tries to crush us under it's weight because of what we are doing right for Christ.