Putting This Off

Sorry about the tardiness of my blogs the last few days. But to be honest, Betty is running my legs off. So I will do the best I can for the next couple of days until I can get some of this stuff taken care of over at the house. But until then - here is something that happened to be Monday night.

We were over at the house painting, (no surprise there) when Tim came over. You know Tim, he owns that dog I don't think much of - Pepe. (FYI - they have two the cutest dachshund puppies you have ever seen!) So he invites us over for dinner. Free food and no paint!!! I'm there. So away we go.

We stop at Winn Dixie, which is by his house, to pick up a few things we needed. We load them up in my car and then we head to the house. Half way there, I hear a funny noise and the steering wheel begins to pull to one side. Times up! (Why couldn't we do this in the daylight.)

I've known for quite some time that I needed 2 new tires. When you see the steel sticking out of the tread of the tire - that is usually a pretty good indication that you need to do something. I am not a mechanic but I know a bad tire when I see one. And this one was bad. The probably was, I couldn't buy one - not because I didn't have the money. But because I couldn't make any large purchases before we got the loan for the house. Mortgage brokers orders! Oooo, that was tough! I prayed those tires through the last 6 weeks.

So we closed on the house last friday and then this monday - Pffffffffft! There it goes. Before I go on - here is the great spiritual lesson for the day! Don't be surprised when God gives you exactly what you ask for. I prayed that the tires would last until we closed on the house and Viola! Here I was, 2 days later with a flat. I couldn't get mad! I got exactly what I asked for! So just what are you asking God to do in your life? EXACTLY!!

Now on with the show.

1 - Call Tim - HELP!! He lives 2 miles away. Will bring a hydraulic jack! Good! When I opened the spare tire compartment, which hadn't been opened in years, everything was rusty. Oh, this was going to get ugly.

2 - Take spare out. What engineer thought that it would be a good idea to put a 6" screw on the spare tire to hold it down? Rust an all - it came out! What a workout! You all should try it some time!

3 - Get the tire iron. Loosen the lug nuts on the tire. Tim shows up - YEA! Jack doesn't fit under car! Grrrr! I parked on the shoulder, but the flat is still on the street. Can't dig some dirt out to make it fit. Keep trying Tim! There! There's a spot! Whew!

4 - Jack the car up! Pull the lug nuts off. Pull the tire off. Put the ugly spare on! Put the lug nuts on! Tighten the lug nuts. Let the jack down! STOP! How did we do that? While I was tightening a lug nut with a tire iron the car came down and the tire iron wedged itself against the pavement and the tire. Stuck! Tim! Up! Up! Jack the car up! Oy vey!

5 - Now let the car down! Oh nice! Spare was flat! I start laughing. Of course it is flat! Transfer Betty, Anneka and the groceries to Tim's car. Tim will go get his air compressor. Let us all now pause for a moment of silence in honor of the day that Tim thought it was a good idea to buy an air compressor. Not one of those cheap ones that take 8 hours to fill up a bicycle tire. A real one.

6 - So they leave, I stay and enjoy a evening under the stars. A few minutes later Tim shows up and puts air in the tire. And like a couple of men, we don't have a tire gauge, so we do what we do best - guess! When we get to the house, we put the gauge on. We only missed it by 20 lbs.!

I case you need to know. Tim and I are thinking about trying out for a pit team with NASCAR. What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Pastor Russ: I am sorry but I can't type because I can't see the computer thru the tears of laughing so hard. This would have been a great america's funniest home video moment. Shannon