Is the World Falling Apart?

The short answer is yes. But in reality is has been all along, your just probably noticing now. Why? Well part of it is all this neat stuff that we have. iphones, computers, twitter, texting, news channels and so much more is able to tell us every detail of every event that happens within moments of it's inception. Also, the law of averages plays into this. More people means more crimes can be committed by people who would commit crimes. Now this seems like a nice a tidy package to explain all of this and to a certain point it is.

So what is the rest of the story? The Bible said that in the last days things would get worse. That mankind would become more deprived with time and that in the end this world would be fully in love with itself, rejecting the good news that Jesus is their hope and future. So none of this should surprise us, even through it still saddens our hearts to see gunman shoot innocent people and greedy people steal others future.

What do can you do?
#1 - Protect your soul! Don't be a news junkie. Limit your exposure to what you need to know and refuse the urge to know every "detail."
#2 - Worship God! Don't allow time you should use to worship God to be occupied by watching, reading or meditating on the daily news. Worship before news!
#3 - Don't be afraid. You are in the hands of God. His mission for your life isn't to hide under a rock. His mission for your life is to tell someone the good news about Jesus.
#4 - Read the Word of God - The truth is in there, not in the news. (Repeat this to yourself three times or until you believe it.)
#5 - Don't quit going to church. - Ranting at God about something that you don't like doesn't help. It only hurts you and those who you love. Surround yourself with people who have been where you are and let them help you get where they are at.