Happy Thanksgiving

It is really odd how we think about the things we are grateful or ungrateful for. What we complain about and what we assume we will always have.

This time, about 6 years ago, Anneka was about 3 months old. I was shocked at how many people told me how my "life" had now ended. That everything was going to change. Now I am experiencing it again. As one person put it - "Enjoy it now, it won't be long until you hate it." Honestly, I was shocked. I thought about saying, "Hey! You need to be homeless!"

Quite honestly, I am getting very concerned about the amount of "griping" I am hearing from Christians mouths. Mine included! I have been catching myself the last few weeks saying things that really out of character for me! I could come up with some excuses as to why, but none of them justify the complaining.

So today I am taking time to "count my blessings". Then after each blessing I am going to thank God for what I have. Are there any blessings that are perfect? No. Only Jesus is perfect. But I do have:

- A beautiful wife who loves me even when I am grouchy and unlovable.
- A beautiful daughter who puts a smile on my face everyday whether I want one or not.
- A wonderful house that is going to be a great home for all of us.
- A great church that can do more and be more than any other church it's size that I know.
- A church family that loves me and my family.
- Great friends who are there for me when I need them.
- People who call me their friend.
- Florida, where warm breezes blow instead of snow flakes.
- The people who make this church go!

Come on! Join in!!