Find Out What God Is Doing . . .

. . . and get on board with it!! To many times we try to get God to bless our mess. "Lord, here is what I need for you to do today!!." This is why Jesus taught us in the Lord's Prayer, ... thy Kingdom come, THY will be done..." Not my will, but your will ge done! It isn't hard to see what God is doing, what is hard is taking the time to see it. So here are a few tips to help you along the way.

- What are people talking to you about when it comes to spiritual things? Is there a theme?
- What kind of prayers are being answered right now? Healing? Provision? Wisdom? Whatever it is, pray for more of it.
- What keeps jumping off the pages at you when you read the Bible? Is God trying to tell you something?
- What thought keeps repeating in your mind and you keep dismissing it because it's to "out there."? It may be that far out there!

God makes Himself obvious. However, we need to know Him and how He works. Our relationship with Him is the key. More than just a casual, "Hi, God. How you doin, today." kind of relationship. But one that where we learn more and more about Him as we yield more and more about ourselves to Him.