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Happy Thanksgiving

It is really odd how we think about the things we are grateful or ungrateful for. What we complain about and what we assume we will always have. This time, about 6 years ago, Anneka was about 3 months old. I was shocked at how many people told me how my "life" had now ended. That everything was going to change. Now I am experiencing it again. As one person put it - "Enjoy it now, it won't be long until you hate it." Honestly, I was shocked. I thought about saying, "Hey! You need to be homeless!" Quite honestly, I am getting very concerned about the amount of "griping" I am hearing from Christians mouths. Mine included! I have been catching myself the last few weeks saying things that really out of character for me! I could come up with some excuses as to why, but none of them justify the complaining. So today I am taking time to "count my blessings". Then after each blessing I am going to thank God for what I have. Are

Putting This Off

Sorry about the tardiness of my blogs the last few days. But to be honest, Betty is running my legs off. So I will do the best I can for the next couple of days until I can get some of this stuff taken care of over at the house. But until then - here is something that happened to be Monday night. We were over at the house painting, (no surprise there) when Tim came over. You know Tim, he owns that dog I don't think much of - Pepe. (FYI - they have two the cutest dachshund puppies you have ever seen!) So he invites us over for dinner. Free food and no paint!!! I'm there. So away we go. We stop at Winn Dixie, which is by his house, to pick up a few things we needed. We load them up in my car and then we head to the house. Half way there, I hear a funny noise and the steering wheel begins to pull to one side. Times up! (Why couldn't we do this in the daylight.) I've known for quite some time that I needed 2 new tires. When you see the steel sticking out of the

What a Great Day!

This Sunday we had 82 in attendance, a wonderful service, a delicious meal and great fellowship! I was amazed how many people we invited from Angel Food yesterday came to have dinner with us. It was great! Also some of our guests were pastors from Virginia as well as return guests from the last few weeks. God is doing great things here at FFWC! Also I forgot to announce that we are very close to having our new sign installed! We got our permit this Friday, so we will probably see something after Thanksgiving.

You'll Like This

This solider just got home from Afghanistan and was met at the door by his dog.

What do I love?

So here are a few things that you might not know about me. In random order. - Betty - Anything I say here just wouldn't be enough. Enough said. - Anneka - Teaching her how to see and enjoy this world through the eyes of Jesus is the greatest challenge of my life. Really, it's tougher than algebra. - Family - A gift from God that continually blesses me every moment of everyday. - People - I really, really do! I just don't know how Jesus did it when they didn't love Him in return. Seems unfair. - Preaching - I absolutely love telling people about the life changing truths found in God's Word. - Winning - I love winning at anything and crushing the competition. Before you think this is a bad thing, I really, really love helping people discover Jesus which crushes Satan. - Coffee - Not all coffee and it depends on how it is prepared. - Sushi - Not all the time. Only when it is really good. Not to much cream cheese. - Annekas giggle - She has one particular gig

Anneka and an ATV

She is hooked! We went to some friends house this Sunday and they have a 50cc four wheeler. She wanted to give it a try so here's the video. The funny part is - shortly here after she took her first spill. She immediately got up and shouted to her mom, "I'm OK! I'm OK! I'm OK! I'm OK! "

My Wife Is A Redhead

I know for years that most of you have thought that Betty was a red head. But if you had any doubt, take a look at what I woke up to yesterday. For the record, I love it!

Find Out What God Is Doing . . .

. . . and get on board with it!! To many times we try to get God to bless our mess. "Lord, here is what I need for you to do today!!." This is why Jesus taught us in the Lord's Prayer, ... thy Kingdom come, THY will be done..." Not my will, but your will ge done! It isn't hard to see what God is doing, what is hard is taking the time to see it. So here are a few tips to help you along the way. - What are people talking to you about when it comes to spiritual things? Is there a theme? - What kind of prayers are being answered right now? Healing? Provision? Wisdom? Whatever it is, pray for more of it. - What keeps jumping off the pages at you when you read the Bible? Is God trying to tell you something? - What thought keeps repeating in your mind and you keep dismissing it because it's to "out there."? It may be that far out there! God makes Himself obvious. However, we need to know Him and how He works. Our relationship with Him is the

5 Blogs To Read Today

Most of you know that I also read blogs as well as write. So here are a few entries this week that I personally identified with that I thought I might pass on to you. Covert your complaint 5 Creativity Equations 4 Random questions I wrestle with Things that are changing in the church Keep on keeping on

Need a Breakthrough?

Over the course of the last few weeks I have been a little discouraged to say the least. That isn't to say that i am throwing up my hands and quitting. But it is to say that I am tired of seeing churches, Christians and friends get beat up by life and then Satan step in and try to use life's tragedies to his advantage. That isn't right and I don't think that you have to put up with it at all. When times get tough - it's time to get closer to God, not father away. When our pride rises up it will encourage us to quit, give up and blame God for the whole thing. In the process, relationships are ruined and people feel that pain of prides price. Life isn't fair but don't blame God for it. Satan is in this world and he will do his best to destroy your life. For the record, he doesn't care about you at all. Really! He knows that if he can hurt you he can hurt God. That's why he is attacking your life. You're nothing more than a pawn to Sata

Is the World Falling Apart?

The short answer is yes. But in reality is has been all along, your just probably noticing now. Why? Well part of it is all this neat stuff that we have. iphones, computers, twitter, texting, news channels and so much more is able to tell us every detail of every event that happens within moments of it's inception. Also, the law of averages plays into this. More people means more crimes can be committed by people who would commit crimes. Now this seems like a nice a tidy package to explain all of this and to a certain point it is. So what is the rest of the story? The Bible said that in the last days things would get worse. That mankind would become more deprived with time and that in the end this world would be fully in love with itself, rejecting the good news that Jesus is their hope and future. So none of this should surprise us, even through it still saddens our hearts to see gunman shoot innocent people and greedy people steal others future. What do can you do?
Got this video with Noah Clawson in it tonight. Watch it at 1:05 and he is the the one on the far right mixing cement.

Took A Break

Well I haven't blogged all week, apparently I needed to take a break. I didn't know that I needed to, but when you get writers block - well. So this week has been fast and full of life. - We got approved to buy our house. We will be closing on that sometimes before the 20th. - Getting insurance for the house and finding someone to do a wind mitigation. - Getting ready for the Spiritual Breakthrough Weekend. - Also been getting ready for Vets Day this Sunday. - I have been trying to find a place to have our Ministers Christmas Banquet. While all of that is going on - then life has been happening. - Some of our church members lost their jobs. - Others are struggling with life, relationships, marriages and more. - The holidays are upon us!! - Challenges are presenting themselves at ever turn. Now don't misunderstand, I am not complaining. However, when life is closing in like this - this is what I have to do. - Talk to someone who knows what you are talking about. - Liste

When Everything Goes Wrong!

What do you do? #1 - Don't quit being around the people who will pray for you and help you in your time of need. GO TO CHURCH!!! #2 - Don't quit praying. Yes, life is frustrating, but praying puts your problems in His hands. #3 - Read His Word. Somebody in the Bible has gone through what your going through. If you can't find them. Call someone you know and ask them. #4 - Don't over blame the devil. Demonizing everything only takes your focus off of the solution. Jesus. Don't worry about what the devil is doing, place your faith in the hands of the one who can do something about it. #5 - Don't let fear win. It is a battle. It isn't a sin to be afraid. But if fear wins the day that means faith lost. #6 - Be careful what you listen to. Don't just listen to everyone, listen to Godly wisdom. Don't listen to the negative doom and gloom report - listen to God's report about you having a hope and a future. #7 - Don't give up your joy. T