Why Do We Lose Hope? - Part 1

When we lose hope - we lose everything. What is the point in living if there is nothing to believe in? Lam. 3:18 says So I say, "My splendor is gone and all that I had hoped from the LORD." We all know people who live life without hope. Life tosses them around like a ragdoll and they just say, "Oh well..." Some get angry and rant at the world. Others just get depressed and check out of living, one way or another. Losing hope isn't a sin. Many people in the Bible at one time or another had a crisis of faith. God didn't strike any of them with lightening.

So why do we lost hope? Well one reason is our disbelief in absolutes. We are taught from the beginning to question everything. That nothing is what is says it is. That at some place and time, what we believe in will change. At one time people thought that the world was flat. Then they discovered it was round. So what does this have to do with hope? You have to believe that God never, ever changes. He is absolute. That what He says He is, He will always be. While you may not need a healer today - you may need one tomorrow. While you may not need wisdom today - you may find yourself asking God for it tomorrow. So here is the deal. If you cannot believe that everything God has promised you will be there for you tomorrow, then you can't believe that they are here for you today. No this isn't philosophy 101. It is simple faith. Hope is "confident expectation". Of what? What do you expect from God? If you don't expect anything then . . . Well you smart enough to figure this out.

Tomorrow, Part 2!