Where To Find Hope

Most of us are pragmatic and resourceful enough to get what we need or want. Think about it. If you child needed a $5,000 shot, or they would die, you would get the 5 grand somehow. You might borrow some here, work for some there, have a fund raiser - something, anything, because it is life or death.

Well I would think we would want to have that same kind of tenacity when it comes to our hope. It is life or death. To lost hope opens a host of doors that have some pretty dark characters waiting for you on the other side. I said Sunday that we have a word for people who live without hope. Zombies. The walking dead. There is no life without hope because all other options are futile and, well, hopeless.

Now here is where I need you to get real resourceful and inventive about finding hope. I don't want you to go anywhere else other than to Jesus. Why? There are those who look to all different kind of religions, drugs, habits and other mindless forms of amusement to satisfy their need for hope. All of them eventually reveal themselves for who they really are - pitchmen in an amusement park. They hold your attention with mindless banter and some amazing visual effects. There isn't any one man, one country, one government, one profession, one education or one culture that can give you hope. Approach Jesus with your empty heart that is thirsty for hope and ask Him to quench your thirst.

Oh, and if you are going to dismiss this little piece of advise, then I double dog dare you to try, to believe, to give Jesus a change - what have you got to lose? Hope?