When You Fail Hope

There is and always will be this notion that we get what we deserve. If your mean, you deserve to be treated that way. Even God will give you what you deserve. So when we fail, falter, fall down and give up - we tend to think that hope has left us and we have to start all over again. After all you probably deserved it, right? If you are a Hindu I suppose that this makes sense. You know, karma. FYI, karma works like this. What you do in this life is what you will get in the next life. So you have to wait until the next life to reap all the bad stuff you did in this life.

Let me remind you of a passage in Hebrews, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." That's what God promises to you today. Even if you have failed - hope has never left you or forsaken you. In fact, you now need hope more than ever. Hope that your failure will not be permanent - that your mistakes will not ruin you - that your life will still have a future. Let's take our karma illustration a little bit farther. Jesus came to take all your bad karma away so you wouldn't have to suffer its consequences ever again.

Hope begins at the cross of Jesus. So what do you need to ask from Him today?