When Hope Shows Up

Oops! I am very late in making this post. My apologies. But today was worth it.

If you didn't attend service here his morning - you missed a great day. Why? Because it was about hope. How God brings hope to hopeless situations. But that can only happen when we place our expectations in Him. If our expectations are based on what we want, or what others want - we will be disappointed. When we place our expectations in Him, we will never be disappointed because God never fails.

Now for those of you who are rolling your eyes at me right now - this is the part of the service you missed. I explained that when I came as Pastor of this church - there was little hope. in fact, my Presbyters very words were, "Good luck." And I know for a fact that he doesn't believe in luck. I preached about a future, I taught about a future, I believed in a future - but future didn't become a reality for a long, long time.

So the question you have to ask yourself is this. Is your hope based upon what God desires or what you desire. Some of you may be saying to yourself right now, "I desire what God desires." Let's make this simple now and remove you from the equation. Hope exists because of God, it exists for us to receive. When we realize that it is a gifts that He gives to those who trust Him without question - then hope becomes a reality.