When Hope Is Unpredictable

There are some things about hope that are predictable and some that are not. Don't get confused now, just read on. When someone repents of their sins and asks Jesus into their life it will happen every time. It's predictable. We can count on it. But when someone prays for Jesus to heal them - there are options. A) Immediate healing, B) Healing at a later date, C) Partial healings over a period of time that lead to a complete healing, D) Healing through modern medicine (and you can't argue with this one if you have ever taken Tylenol) and E) Healing through death.

Now some of us root for A every time and don't even want to talk about E, ever. I don't blame you. We want to live and that isn't a sin. But what I want us to see about every one of those options is this - we will be healed. What is unpredictable is which option has God chosen for us. Now the rest of this may start to get confusion, but hang on.

The reason why hope becomes unpredictable is the very reason why hope can exist. It's called trust. Even though we don't know what God is going to do, we trust Him to do something. He has a number of options and He isn't obligated to tell us which option He will chose, but hope knows that He will choose one. When we trust God - we give Him ever option possible to work in and through our lives. We can root for A or B. Again that isn't a sin. But if you insist on A and God chooses D - don't gripe. I have seen people healed through modern medicine only to hear Christians complain how God didn't do it immediately. They were healed and we should praise God for it!!

So what are you trusting God for today?