When Hope Is Found

It isn't that the price of hope is to high - it's just hard for us to believe that it's so easy. Now understand that easy doesn't equal cheap. Because we are wired to believe that which is valuable is expensive, hard, elusive or impossible - we therefore have a hard time believing we have it when we get it. I don't know how many guys have said to me when they found the woman of their dreams, "I don't deserve her." Love doesn't come easy, but when we have it - we should cherish it with everything that we have.

Now fast forward this guy about 5 - 10 years. They got married. Had 2.3 kids. Bought the house, two cars and the swimming pool. He works 7 days to pay the bills and she is pulling her hair out to care for the home, the house, the kids and everything else. Doesn't sound like love to me, it's sound like a recipe for a divorce. What happened?

We trade our love, hope and faith for the dumbest things in this world. Trinkets really when we think about it. Don't think that Satan is a good salesman. To lead you to believe that in the name of "love" or "hope" you need (fill in your blank here) takes real skill. You have to keep the main thing the main thing. That is why we can lose hope and also why we can't believe when we have hope in our lives. It's just to good to be true.

Follow along here. Hope isn't of this world. It isn't just a "feeling" that we have. It is a gift from God. Our hope comes from above, not from within. That's why we have a hard time believing that we can have it. If we cannot forgive ourselves of our sins, even though God has, we shut ourselves off from the mercy of His forgiveness. In other words, we are forgiven, but we chose to live like we are condemned. To have hope means to not only accept the mercy and forgiveness of God, it also means that you give yourself permission to live like it. Jesus died on a cross so that you could have hope. He died so you could be forgiven. He died so you could live a preferred future that He has planned for you. Then to seal the deal, He rose from the grave. In that He walked out of the tomb alive, victorious over anything that could dash our hopes.