Sources of Hope

One of the things that I think some people miss about hope is, where does it come from? Well the short answer is - God, of course. But as we think about this a little bit more, we would recognize the different ways He gives us hope.

The Bible - His Words are full of hope.
The Holy Spirit - He brings hope into our lives.
Testimonies - Hearing others praise how God helped them brings hope.
Friends - People whom we surround ourselves with speak hope.
Children - They don't know it as a general rule, but their simple faith shows us hope.
Church - A community of like minded believers who will pray and support us gives us hope.
Prayer - Letting God know what is on our heart gives us hope.
Worship - Loving God the way He wants to be loved will also give us hope.
Nature - God created it, if you will pay attention to His Creation you will see hope.
Gifted people - Those who know what the spiritual gifts are and allow God to use them will bring hope into your life.

Can you think of any more???