No More Hope?

Today is my last blog in Octobers hope series. But does that mean that hope will stop? No, never. Hope is eternal, because the source of hope is eternal - Jesus. Hopefully through our time together you have discover that hope is there as long as you look for it. The world we live in will do everything it can to distract us from it. Placing your hope in Jesus requires:

Sacrifice - You have to give up your worldly desires and dreams in order to achieve God's desires and dreams.

Humility - Pride kills hope. Humbling yourself before God acknowledges that you cannot and will not do anything without Him.

Trust - Trust God that He knows what He is doing even when you don't know what He is doing.

Faith - More than a belief in His existence, faith is embracing God's life, His will and future for you.

Future - Placing your future in His hands realizing that this world isn't your home, but there is a better place in heaven for you.

Patience - Coupled with humility you allow God to move in His time and in His way without quitting because you didn't get it your way.

Or as the picture says above. The fact that you know that God exists gives you hope!!