Hoping For More?

Many of us are hoping for something. Most likely is it more of something. More money, more time, more strength, more something. Now it isn't a sin to want more of something. It is a sin when you begin to worship whatever it is you want. When that happens then hope has officially turned into greed.

Now while it is still greed, we will call it hope. We treat it as hope, in fact we may honestly think it is hope. So how can you tell the difference? Real hope is based on your faith and trust in Jesus. We trust Him to love us and care for us in every way. So when something doesn't turn out the way we thought it should we don't lose faith in Him. Why? Because we trust Him to always have our best intentions in mind for us at all times. So if things do not turn out the way we want, we know the God is still in control.

But if we are being greedy, our response is completely different. When things don't turn out the way we want - we get upset!! Then we will blame God for this defeat. We rationalize that God either failed or that we didn't measure up so He couldn't do what we were asking of Him. Either way, we lose faith in God and usually continue searching for what we were worshipping in the first place.

How does this end? Badly. Whether we get want we want doesn't matter. We will have wasted our life in the pursuit of it. Worship doesn't drain you of life - it gives you life. It doesn't glorify you and your problems - it glorifies God as recognizes Him as our solution. Hope doesn't look at defeat as failure - it sees it as God's love in action through our lives.