Hope Killers - Part 2

Sorry that todays post is a little late. I will explain later.

What kills hope? Putting our hope is people or institutions that promise to deliver. One of the things that I am personally convinced of is this. After the rapture of the church, the anit-christ will rise to power. But how? How can one person gain such support and popularity? He has to offer what people are looking for. Hope.

When we begin to place our hope in leaders, people, government, education or anything else - we are setting ourselves up for THE BIG let down. How can something like this happen? Desperation breeds delusion. People are so desperate that they will reach out to anything or anyone for hope. We see it at a personal level everyday. We have seen whole culture and people groups do the same thing again and again for thousands of years. This is true, history is doomed to repeat itself.

So who or what do you put your hope in? Who or what do you expect to pull you out of the mess you are in? Who or what do you expect to stand beside you in the midst of your storms of life? I do believe that we expect to much from humanity and not enough from Jesus. Not that I am giving up on us - but we are hopeless without Christ. Let's be honest here. Christ is a better physician, judge, financier, employer, counselor, provider and friend than anyone we know. So follow along.

Hope + person/organization or institution = failure
Hope + Jesus = success
Which one would you rather embrace?