Hope Expensive Cont.

As I said yesterday, our hope has to be in Christ. But what if you go to church, read your Bible, pray and still don't seem to have any hope? Well that is possible.

What Jesus did on the cross for us wasn't cheap. His sacrifice was great and costly. What we have to make sure is this, don't compare the expense of his sacrifice with anything we think is expensive here on earth. Any time that we do that - we will dash our chance to embrace hope.

Don't compare your faith to this worlds wisdom. - The Bible says that this worlds wisdom is foolishness. It is right! When allow our faith, and the practice of our faith, to be hemmed in with what the world think is right and wrong - hope will fade away quickly.

Don't base your faith in people. - Every time a prominent Christian stumbles and falls someone goes with them. Why? Placing your faith in someone who is fallible will always be a recipe for disaster. People fail, Jesus never fails.

Don't base your faith in yourself. - Faith then becomes a work of perfectionism. Works are more valuable than faith. Paul and James made it clear in their own ways. Both are important, but faith precedes works. When church is all about you - hope will be elusive.

Base your faith in Christ. - The things of faith, (i.e., church, Bible, prayer, fellowship, ministry, missions, theology) have to be rooted in Christ. It is from those roots that faith is fed into our soul It is from that faith the hope blooms in our life and we can look at our future with wonderful anticipation.