Hope Demands Patience

One of the things we may or may not realize about hope is that it demands patience. How do I you know that? Ever had to wait for something good? No amount of fretting, worrying, yelling or demanding ever made anything arrive any faster, better or quicker. Yet we get frustrated with God when our needs are not satisfied on the spot.

When Anneka was an infant, she would cry - we would respond. Now when Anneaka wants something, sometimes we tell her to go get it herself. That's a new wrinkle. With each new challenged conquered, new hope is birthed that she is growing up.

So what is God asking you to do today? What challenge does He want you to meet head on? The challenges that we perceive to be hope killers are probably there to teach us, give us and empower us with hope. "But what if I fail?" There is nothing that you can do that will force God to quit. He will always pursue you with everything that He has.

So what are you waiting for?