When We Lose Hope

Starting tomorrow, and ever day for the month of October, I am going to be blogging on hope. Each morning when you get up, there will be something here to help you find more hope in your life. Now with that said I want to ask you, "Have you lost hope?"

Some of you may scoff at even answering this question. But before you dismiss me, read on. Losing hope isn't a sin nor is it symbol of weakness. There are many great people in the Bible who lost hope at one time or another. For some reason through we think that if you have lost hope it has devalued you in some way - that you less of a person, a parent, a spouse or a follower of Christ.

Now there are those who are in another camp. They have lost hope and they blame their source of hope for it. "You promised to give me hope - so where is it?" If it was that easy! Hope isn't delivered by UPS. Hope is cultivated, cared for and embraced. So what do you need to do?

Consider what you have chosen as your source of hope.

What do you think hope really is?

What holds you up when life tried to knock you down?

What are you expectations from your hope?

Over the next few weeks we are going to address these and more! You don't have to lose your hope forever! You don't have to be pushed around by life. There is a different way to live and Christ died and rose again so you do could it!!