When Vision Doesn't Become Reality

What kills vision?

Vision killers are like the swine flu. You never know that they are that close, until they sneeze on you. The reality is you are surrounded by vision killers 24/7. The secret is to not let them get close enough to kill you with their vision killing tactics.

Emotional Defeat - When we allow ourselves to be wrapped up in depression and hopelessness, we lose focus and thus begin to spend our lives in areas that don't promote the success of our vision. I'm not bashing people who are suffering with these maladies. These are real problems that need real solutions. I am just saying they will suck the life out of your vision.

Dim Eyesight - When we don't see what we think we ought to see when we ought to see it. Or, when things don't happen in our time frame. This will steal vision away from you. Discouragement and despondency begin to set in and thoughts like, "Why bother?" begin to enter your mind.

Busyness - When we are so busy doing everything else that we don't have time to think about or invest in our vision, something is wrong. You need to revisit yesterdays post and begin to ask yourself what your 5% is. Then revamp your day to reflect that. This may require some compromise on your part in the beginning. But the reward is well worth it in the end.

Critics - Everyone has them. The person who doesn't have a critic is either deaf to reality or isn't taking any risks that cause others to question or be uncomfortable. (Get to that one in a minute.) Critics may be friends, family or people you trust. Listen to what they say, they may be speaking truth to you even if you don't like how they are saying it. However, be careful. If they are taking their criticisms to others in order to undermine your vision, now they are antagonists. Get rid of them, you can't win them over, that's why they are antagonists.

De-Motivating Peoplee - These can be critics, however they have a bigger arsenal of weapons to use against you. These people drain the life out of you. They usually don't know it, nor can they really do anything about it. But 5 minutes with them and you want to take a nap. They are negative, complaining, hopeless and many times pointless in their efforts. They usually just want someone to listen to them whine.

Comfort - If your vision reigns within your comfort zone, you will not get far. Vision takes us beyond ourselves. It does uncomfortable things like stretch us, remold us, teach us and challenge us beyond our comfort zone. Get use to being uncomfortable.

Selfishness - When you think that you are not getting what you want out of what you think that you deserve and what you determine to be what is yours. . . . . You get the picture. Bottom line: You're going to get nothing.

Lack of Teamwork - No, you cannot do this by yourself. Your vision is going to be bigger than you - you need help. Don't be to prideful to ask for it. People are more generous than you probably give them credit for.

Lack of Release - If you hang on to your vision to tight, no one can help you. If you don't hang on at all, someone will take it away from you.

Got any others I forgot?