What To Do!!

We live in a time when we are most concerned about our physical bodies. Exercise, diet and healthy habits are the focus of our lives. Now before you start throwing darts at my picture, let me say that I don't have anything against any of this. I have seen how this is good for your life. My point is this, what are we doing about our spiritual and emotional health?

We live in a time that has promised us a lot of hope. The reality is that this world can promises anything, but it can deliver nothing. Things like hope, love and joy are not ours to own or possess. It is ours to receive and enjoy. This world says it owns hope and can give it away as long as (Fill out for 29478/C in triplicate with proof of insurance and a letter from your doctor stating that you are indeed void of hope and that you can receive an appropriated portion. This portion of hope will be evaluate relative to your environmental conditions and reviewed by a panel of hope experts. Please allow 3 - 6 months for delivery.) Yes I am being sarcastic, but that is the world that we live in. They think that they can administrate and mange EVERYTHING! Got off that train as fast as you can. It's going over a cliff and it will take it with you. On your way down you might yell out "WHAT HAPPENED!" All you will hear is, "OOP! SORRY ABOUT THAT, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!" Next time!! Are you kidding me? People don't have the ability or the capacity to keep trying. They need answers NOW!

As I said before, hope isn't something we possess like a house or a boat. It is something that we can receive. Think of it like this. In the mountains of Arkansas there was a spring that mom and I use to go to once or twice a year. It was just a trickle of water, but it was some of the sweetest water you will ever drink. While we could sit at home and think about it as much as we wanted, it was when we got in the car and drove to the spring that we could do something about it. So where are you driving today?

Tomorrow - When you give up hope