Morning Person vs. Night Owls

Are you a morning person? I apparently am not - but need to learn how. Doing some casual reading on the subject hasn't produced any thing that says night owls or morning people are psychos or suffer from some kind of brain disfunction. That's good news, but morning people still irritate me with their up an at em enthusiasm. So why do I need to change my ways?

Well, using caffeine as a stimulus to get my heart started in the morning isn't a sign that I am a night owl. It is a sign that I either didn't get enough sleep or that I didn't sleep well. BIG difference. So I am working on my sleep structure to help improve my daily performance. There isn't much that frustrates me more than running out of gas in the middle of the day.

Secondly, the foods I eat do have a lot to do with my mind and strength. This one is a little harder to deal with for a couple of reasons. One is bad habits. Oh we all have them and we promise to do something with them someday. You might be the personality type that can do it all at once. Most other people are like me - we forget until we are in the middle of a meal we promised ourselves was going to be better than last nights greasy offering. So practice and forgive. Choose one thing to start getting right and then choose another thing in a few days. If you mess up, forgive yourself and try again. You'll get it.

Oh, the other reason. What is good for you and what isn't. Nutritionists are all over the map on this one. So this is what I am going with for right now. Dessert bad. Deep fried bad. Mayonnaise bad. Cheese bad. That took all the fun out of life.

And that's the other thing. Don't eat to replace feeling. If eating is more about the experience than it is about taking care of yourself - stop eating. Well, not completely all together - but feed yourself what you need - not necessarily what you want. When you go to the county fair, have the hot dog. Don't yell at me!!! It's better than a deep fried snickers bar! No I am not kidding!!

So what does this have to do with being a morning person? I think that you would probably get up in better condition in the morning if your heart didn't have to pump greasy sludge through your veins all night. I'm just thinking.