Life Isn't Fair - 2

How is Jesus fair to us? That was the question I left with you yesterday. I am blogging two times today so don't miss my blog on 9 11 either.

1. Healing - When life brings any kind of disease remember that Jesus died on the cross for your healing. Don't focus on the disease, focus on the Healer.

2. Salvation - To know that every sin you have ever committed has been removed from the eternal records of heaven, never, ever to be recalled against you ever again.

3. Hope - Hope is living in the promises of God, enjoy the blessing of living under His authority and protection.

4. Wisdom - God generosity gives to those who ask the wisdom they need to live in this world. It is our protection against it's schemes and plans to deceive and destroy us.

5. Miracles - To know that God can and will suspend the laws of nature if necessary is always a comforting thought.

6. Promises - Throughout the Bible, God has made promise after promise. Stand on those promises and believe in them. However, Jesus' half brother James does make a good point here. "You don't have because you didn't ask." You need to know the promises of God.

7. Heaven - There is an end game to all of this. If you want to call it that. For most Christians they think of Heaven as a beginning, not the end. But nevertheless, there is a place prepared for those who place their faith in and ask Christ to forgive them of their sins.

8. Mercy - When we ask Christ into our hearts we experience a release from our sins and the condemnation that comes with them.

9. Grace - God's unmerited favor towards you and me is the road to life. We are saved by grace, not of works. We cannot do anything that makes God forgive us - He wants to forgive us, all we have to do is ask.

10. Forgiveness - To experience forgiveness is such a wonderful relief. Not only that it brings salvation, but through forgiveness you experience the fullness of God's love in your life.

11. Fruit - Christians produce. That is in the Bible. Gentleness, kindness, self control, faith and a host of other qualities that I think most of you would like to be know for.

12. Provision - God provides for our needs. He gives us the right talents and skills to work with. He opens doors of opportunities for us to serve. He supplies according.

13. Power - The Power of the Holy Spirit experienced in our daily lives is the difference between hope and despair, life and death, living and just existing.

14. Love - The self sacrificing love of God has already been offered in the form of His Son, our Savior - Jesus. To experience that love requires us to accept this gift and believe in Jesus.

15. Joy - Something that people seek, but seem to never find. That is because all this world can offer is a counterfeit to what God can supply. To enjoy life each and everyday - to have a inner strength within that isn't driving by selfish motives is a wonderful think to embrace.

Hey! This is the short list. But I think you get the point.

What are you doing to procure these gifts from God for your life today? Hmmmm?