Hope Springs Eternal

If you are depressed then how do you get out of depression? Depression has been called the common cold of mental illness. All of us have been depressed at one time or another. However, there are those who suffer with it to a greater extent. A cold you will eventually recover from. But depression isn't that easy for most. So what do you do?

A - Don't analyze to long. Yes, you do need an accurate and realistic view of your life. But if you spend all your time analyzing you are just going to wallow in the depression.

B - Disown the depression. This isn't living in denial. I didn't say that you should just ignore it or live like you don't have it. I said disown the thing. Don't desire it, want it or do anything to let it think that it can take up residence in your heart.

C - Get on the resolution side of depression. What steps do you need to take to start pulling out of this. Yes it looks like you in a deep pit, but it probably isn't as deep as you think. Yes, it looks tough, but it probably isn't as tough as you think. What is your plan to pull out of this mess and get on it as fast as you can.

D - Escapism isn't a plan. I am not advocating that you stay in any kind of abusive relationship or situation. What I am saying is this. If you think that new surroundings, a new job, a new spouse, a new car, a new house, a new set of friends or a new (fill in the blank here) is going to get rid of your depression, you are wrong. Now you are going to be depressed with own a lot of new stuff.

Hope isn't easy. But we need to live. During the month of October I am going to do all that I can to help you find the hope that you need. My Sunday series is entitled 1 Hope. But this blog is going to be dedicated to the people who find themselves in a "funk", depressed, sad or melancholy. By the end of the month it is my goal that you will have found something that will put you on the resolution side of life and allow you to embrace your hope and your future.