Change This

I posted this on Facbook - Change is inevitable. Some good and some . . . well. What we do with the change that happens to our lives matters. Doing nothing isn't an option.

One of the misnomers about life, that I honestly think is a lie from Satan is, change is bad. Change isn't bad, change is inevitable. I have told people again and again that if you don't choose the changes in your life, you will always get stuck with the one you don't like. Then again, there are some things that happen to us that we don't get a choice about. Accidents, diseases, etc. But then we can choose the attitude to embrace that either gives us hope or despair. The question is this. "What kind of change are you looking for?" Supernatural or Natural

Supernatural change - It is what it says it is. Supernatural, God initiated and created change in your life. What have or can we ask God to do? Anything. When we asked Him into our hearts and lives through repentance - supernatural change happened. When we lay our sicknesses and needs at His feet supernatural change can happen. When we place our lives in His hands (that's faith) we trust Him to do whatever he needs to do to bring change about in our lives.

Natural change - Again is what it says it is. It is change that we either create or allow to happen to us. As I noted earlier, some change is going to happen. Ever stopped your car at a light and someone hit you from behind? It wasn't your fault but it inflicted some change on your life and your car.

So what do you do with supernatural and natural change? Placing your life in God's hands means that you trust Him to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done in the way He wants to do it. Bottom line, God is Sovereign. That means He gets the first and the last word. Many times we want to tell God how to do His job - when we need to be trusting Him and rest in the fact that He has always, is and will always do what He does best. Love us!

Some people decided that they are going to live their lives without God or His help. These people must believe in evolution. The odds that evolution ever happen are 1 in 10 (with 33 million zeros behind it). In other words, forget it! To live our lives to chance that everything that changes will always be to our good is stupid! Life isn't fair and remember that Satan in the ruler of this world. Life is designed to promise everything and deliver nothing but pain and death.

The only thing that cannot change is God. This is what makes living (not life) fair. God loves us and He sent His Son to this earth to do something about it. Jesus changed the rules for living. Instead of surviving what happens, place your faith and Him and let Him do something about it.

So let's bottom line it here. Option A - Trust God or Option B - Roll the dice! Hmmmmm!