I love surprises. Well at least most of them. You know surprise birthday parties. Yea! When the IRS agent says, "Surprise!" Probably not a good thing. So what is so surprising about 9/9/09? As far as I can tell, nothing. Some people are really using it for marketing purposes, you know, movies and such. China thinks it is a lucky number, but Japan thinks it's very unlucky (like our number 13). But as a day, it is like any other day. However, there are some days that really stand out to us. 9/11 for example. 1/1 - New Years Day. 12/25 - Christmas. The 4th of July! My favorite 9/21 - my birthday. We build up to each one of them (Even your birthday if you will admit it.) We wait and watch with anticipation as to what each day will bring.

But there is another day that no one really pays any attention to. It is a very important day to everyone on the planet. When this day comes, the world as we know it will end. On this day, people like myself will be rejoicing, not because the world is ending - but because we will no longer be a part of this world. It's hold on us will be gone, disease will be no more, life as we know it will change for the best - forever. It is amazing that there are people on this planet who work as hard as possible everyday to make this earth a perfect place. Reality is, it will never happen. It was created perfect, but sin was introduced into this world and life quit being fair. For us Christians, we live in this world, but we are not of it. This isn't home for us, there is a better place.

You see, for Christians, we will someday live in a place that is waaaaaay better than utopia. It's called heaven. It isn't a temporary residence - it's permeant. It isn't our creation, it is God's creation for us. When is that day coming? Could it be today? Yes. Tomorrow, Maybe. We don't know. Only our Father in heaven knows and He isn't telling until the last second. The question is - Are you ready????