Prioritizing Your Life

When we were younger - our parents prioritized our life for us. Teaching us what we needed to know at appropriate times. You know, manners, learning skills, sex ed, etc, etc, etc. As we grow older, life begins to prioritize our life for us. Pay the bills, eat right, live well and so on. But for most of us, that part of life becomes a drag. Work, get paid, pay the bills, have a little fun, repeat. Life starts looking like the directions on a shampoo bottle.

I have never and don't believe that God designed our lives to be this way. I just don't see it. If the purpose of life was to work ourselves into the ground just to pay the bills, then why didn't Jesus come to do just that. Didn't he have bills to pay? He sure did, He even paid taxes too, but these things were not the focus of His life. The purposes of His Father in heaven were His reason for being. From these He found His strength, His hope, His joy and His life. All this other stuff was secondary, if not lower on His list of priorities.

Letting God prioritize your life, your home, your marriage, your personal time is essential to discovering the hope and future that you seek. While others work hard, play hard and live hard in search of the same thing - in the end they die and leave a horrible looking corpse. When we die, we may still leave a horrible looking corpse, but at least it will have a smile.

Tomorrow, how to prioritize.