Around 10 years ago I got mono. No I wasn't kissing anyone or drinking from a public water fountain (yuck). In fact, a small child who came to church one morning wanted to give me a hug. Later I found out that said child was running a fever that day. Well the rest is history.

I got sick and thought I was going to die for a week. Well when that was over I expected to recover. But I didn't, in fact I felt worse. Exhausted, confused, disoriented (more than usual). For 6 months I had to come home at 2 on the afternoon and take a nap. I thought something was horribly wrong. I went to the doctor and he said something has gone horribly wrong. He asked me what I thought it was and I said either cancer or mono. He ran with the cancer thing and for the next 6 weeks I was told that I had cancer. When I would ask them how they knew that, they couldn't answer the question - but they knew I had cancer. 2 Cat scans, a MRI - I don't know how many blood tests later they finally sent me to see a specialists. A christian doctor who looked at me like I had lost my mind when I suggested that I had cancer. He looked at me and said, "Don't worry you're going to live." My kind of doctor. Finally he ruled out all types of cancer and sent me back to my primary.

Well the regular doc I was seeing was out that day so I got his replacement. An 80 year old grouchy guy who looked at me with one eye open and the other one squinting like I had grown a second head. He growled at me and said I had mono. I told him that I said that up front but no one believed me. He then ordered the strangest blood test known to man. Probably because it was the most expensive one. Even the nurse had to come back and ask what it was - it wasn't in the list of tests that the lab provided. He snapped at her, "Look for the Epstein-Barr virus!" And that was that.

A few days later a nurse called me to regretfully confirm that I indeed had suffered from mono. "Suffered!" I said. "You people have been trying to kill me with cancer for the last 6 weeks!" She was happy that I was happy.

Well you never get rid of the EB virus. It will always be with you and under extreme stress or fatigue, it will reassert itself. Nasty little bug came to pay me a visit this week. Still knocks me off my feet every time. Oh well, I will blog later - when I feel better!