Mononucleosis Part Three - The Recovery

One of the things about mono, as with any illness, is that it has a dramatic impact on your psyche. Now in my case, my psyche had a tremendous impact on my mono. So what do you treat first? The illness or the sickness? I know - it doesn't make any sense. But from my point of view all I can do is the following. If you find yourself in a similar situation I think that this will work for you too.

#1 - Take care of your mind immediately. Whatever is stressing you out, pushing you over the edge, taking charge of your life - let it go. Let's put it this way - if you stress out because your emails are not getting answered, remember that the day you die, they still won't get answered. It doesn't matter THAT much. If something or someone is going to fly apart at the seams because you let go - chances are you were in a co-dependent relationship that needs to end or at least be revamped.

#2 - Take care of your body immediately. What do I mean immediately? Get rest, take some time off, give some responsibilities away, cancel some appointments. Do what you can do right now to give yourself a break. Now what do you do with this break?

#3 - Take some time to examine how you got to the place that you are. Now if you have done this before, like I have, you probably know what you did wrong. However, if this is a first for you, talk to someone who can help. You need to listen carefully. It was a disoriented view of your reality that got you into trouble in the first place. Don't be afraid to listen to people who will help you get a clearer view of your life. FYI - Some of them might be really mad at you - beg for mercy and hope for the best.

#4 - Talk to God Yes He has an answer for you. Don't be afraid of it - God isn't as mad at you as you are at yourself.

#5 - Read good material about what you can do to retask your life. Here are some good recommendations. Living on Empty - Wayne Coredero. Chasing Skinny Rabbits - Dr. John Trent. The book of Psalms and Proverbs.


Anonymous said…
When I used to struggle with what I thought was not being productive God also started speaking to me. I had my priorities all wrong. God then told me this: I have called you to be fruitful, not busy. A lot of the things we do, produce no fruit but we think just bc we are doing it in the name of the Lord that we must be doing the right things. Sometimes God would rather us sit on the porch drinking lemonade with our neighbor than a huge outreach. The first act will most likely produce more fruit. But we think the second one is more God's will. We have it all wrong. I will pray for you to have complete recovery and that God will continue to speak to you during this time.