Mononucleosis Part Duh

I was going to title this one. "When God Kicks Your Butt." However, that would probably tick a few people off so I just went with Part Duh!

In order to get this Mono thing to reassert itself I have to wear myself down, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Why would I do something like that you ask? Oh I guess my life wasn't interesting enough so I had to find some way of really messing it up. I don't know why I did it, I do know how I did it. A few months ago I was really frustrated with my personal productivity. I really didn't feel that I was doing everything that I should be doing. So I did some reading, research and made some changes. I really relied on one book to help me (I will not mention the name of the book or author here simply because I don't want to get sued) and it worked! I mean it really, really worked - until now.

I have noticed that this particular author is recently divorced. Now I know why. While I do think that some of his stuff is good - God didn't like where I was going with this and promptly kicked my butt. So for the last few days I have some time to quietly reflect (between sneezing fits and runny noses) to ponder the direction of my life. I think I will get off this train to hell and try something else. Really! If God is trying to get your attention - listen up! It's easier than this.