How To Re-Prioritize

Everyone has priorities. I would guess that most people just don't know what they are. I would venture another guess that what people say are their priorities isn't really their priorities. So what are yours?

Begin by looking at your check register and your day timer. What do you spend most of your money and time on? They will tell you what your priorities are. Ask other people, whom you trust, this question. "What do you think are my priorities?" (Or some version of that question.) Take an honest assessment of yourself and discover what puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart? What do you look forward to? Chances are, these are the things that we prioritize.

We can be selfish with our priorities. We can prioritize only that which we like or what makes us happy. That is why we see many people who refuse to work or take care of their children. These things are not "fun" to them. They have other things which are more important to do.

There is a old saying, "Life is what you make of it." There is some truth to that, however, I wouldn't make that the mission statement of your life. Rather than looking at your job, your marriage or your children with painful aggravation. You can choose to embrace these and other responsible priorities with a different point of view. For example. rather than despising your kids, you can choose to give them your joy and happiness. That way as they grow up they will share their joys and happiness with you later.

So am I saying that attitude is the key to re-prioritizing ones life? Yes, Yes and Yes!! Change your attitude and your actions will follow. So what should you be taking a hard look at?

#1 - God. You may say that you don't have time for church or that all this religious stuff isn't for you. You're probably right, because from your point of view you can't see the awesome benefits that God brings to you when you make Him #1 in your life. Most people can't grasp the need for God because they can't understand how God can help? They pour everything they have into their job, their family, their marriage, their social concerns, etc., they just can't give anymore! Now listen carefully. God isn't here just to get everything He can get from you - wise up!! He already owns it!! He even owns the day and time that you will die!! We think that our heart cannot love anymore, give anymore or sacrifice anymore for another priority. Truth is, God made your heart bigger than you think. You can make Him first in your life and still give your best to your children and spouse. Adding God as another priority (and as #1) isn't like adding another responsibility to our lives, it is adding hope, joy, peace, security, love, patience, kindness, compassion, gentleness, mercy and grace to our lives. Making God first will help us be tremendously successful at every other priority in our lives.

Tomorrow #2, 3 and others. Check back - they may not be the ones you think!