How To Re-Prioritize Part #2

You probably think I am going to talk about family, marriage or careers. No I'm not. I believe that you know that these things are already important. What I do want for you to take a serious look at, is what makes those things important to you.

Priority #2 - Attitude. Your attitude is shaped by your values and beliefs. How you perceive your life and your world is reflected through your attitude. If we don't like something, we have a bad attitude. If we like something, we have a good attitude. Simple stuff really isn't it? But what makes bad, bad and good, good? We assume we already know, but I have had people tell me that cancer, for them, was a good thing. I have also had people tell me that winning a million dollars was a bad thing. I know, leaves your head spinning. Let's break it down.

If your attitude is all about you - then your expectations from life and other people are selfishly motivated. You want what you want when you want it. The problem with this is that your life is determined by the actions of others. What they do determines if you will be happy or not. This, to be blunt, is crazy. People cannot make you happy. Repeat after me. "People cannot make me happy!"

If your attitude is all about others - then your expectations from life and other people are personally motivated. How can I help? What can I do? How can I make a difference? I am not saying that happiness comes from being the door mat of the world, allowing people to wipe their feet on you. I am saying that when you determine to take personal responsibility to make your relationships the best possible. You will actually receive more than you can give.

Priority #3 - Limitations. What are your limitations? Before you think I have gone all negative on you keep reading. There are some things that you cannot do. We would take the pain and suffering from our spouse if they were dying from a horrible illness. We would do anything for our child who is suffering from a tragic accident or painful divorce. Know your limitations and trust God. (Priority #1). I have seen people get very bitter about things that were completely out of their control. All they could do was watch and it wasn't pretty. In other words, don't try to be someone that God didn't create you to be.