How To Prioritize

Prioritizing your life may seem easy, but life if anything is predictable. It wants you to do what it wants, not what you desire. So what can you do?

#1 - Do what God obviously wants you to do. All through His Word we read what is important to God. Whatever is important to Him is now important to us. Worship, Evangelism, Fellowship with other believers, Compassion, Prayer, etc. Not only does this speak to our actions, but is also speaks to our character.

#2 - Do what has been assigned to you. Very simply, there are some things that have been placed in your lap whether you like them or not. Your job, parenthood and marriage are a few of the major ones that you might be wrestling with. For those of you in the ministry, your calling would be addressed here.

#3 - Do what you have been gifted with. God has gifted each of us with something that we do well. Both supernaturally and naturally. Discover what God has gifted you with and do it well for Him and His Kingdom.

#4 - Do what God created you to do. There are things in our life that we have to do that we might not be very good at. Driving is a good example. We all have rode in a car with someone who, well, just scared the living daylights out of us. What I am talking about concerns the glue that holds your soul together. God created you to do something great for Him. Each of us can do a few things very well, and we know that it is the purpose of our lives to do them.

Tomorrow I will share with you how you can re-prioritize your life successfully.