General Council Day 5

Well it is over. This morning we had the privilege of getting to listen to Rick Warren. I have to tell you that one part of me was surprised and another part wasn't - neither of which was a bad thing. For the first have of his time, he spent it encouraging pastors by sharing his heart and life with us in a real and honest way. Then he started to share with us the Purpose Driven church model. Read the book quite a few times and so that didn't surprise me. But in case if you wondering. He is really, really passionate about it.

Got to say bye to a number of friends whom I haven't seen in years. Some as long as 25 years. It was a trip back in time for some of us - and for others of us - it was a bad trip.

Tonight I had the privilege of having dinner with Bob Aston. Knew each other years ago in Spfield. Mo where we went to college together. He is now a US Missionary to children. Great job!

However, Anneka was not so impressed. In fact she has had about as much as General Council a 5 year old can take.