General Council Day 3

Lot's of voting today. Got to vote for our General Superintendent George Wood. He preached last night what I consider one of the best sermons about the ministry I have ever heard. WOW! We also elected James Bradford Gen. Secretary - Doug Clay Gen. Treasure and re-elected Zollie Smith US Missions Director. We were working on a lot of resolutions and were electing Executive Presbyters when my handheld voting machine went out for the third time. I don't think that the system was recording my vote any more - frustrating!

This is a picture of Stanley Horton. He is 93 years old and was honored for the achievements of his life. What did he do? He shaped the Pentecostal theology that you enjoy today. He is one of my heros! He didn't set out to shape Pentecost, but he did. I have read his books and they have changed me and how I see the Bible. God Bro. Horton!

Saw even more missionaries today. Many of whom have been to FFWC. Met some new ones from all over the United States.

Saw many pastors I know. Been talking a lot of shop. Bringing back some new ideas for different ministries. And yes Deana - I am looking for new music. Will look harder (unless you like Larry Ford.)