Brett Farve is back?

He's retired, no he isn't. Is he? Yes, no - Huh? Minnesota? What's up with this?

I don't know Brett Farve and I am not pointing fingers at him at all. I am a little confused though, admittedly I don't know how contracts, agent, football, quarterback and teams do their legal eagle stuff. But then, something seems amiss here to me.

Can you make up your mind? If you keep flip flopping on a decision. Ask yourself why? If your motives are not pure, you may want to rethink this.

Can you let go? When you keep going back again and again and again, is it because you are still the best and can do what you do well? Or is it because you can't admit you can't do it anymore and pride is in the way of your quitting?

Can you move on? You may admit that you can't do what you use to do, but you don't have anywhere to go, therefore, you keep doing what you can't do well. Not a good idea.