Special Announcement

I concluded my marriage series last month. I am currently editing these 4 sermons so they can be podcast. Then all of my entries are going to be compiled into a ebook that you will be able to download for free. I am currently editing it and adding a couple of new entries. So with that said. If you would like for me to contact you when this ready, please email me at pastorruss@bellsouth.net - If you would rather have cd's as opposed to a podcast, please include a request. Thanks for reading and I pray that your relationships, marriages and families will al be blessed by God's presence and peace.

Now on to August. My series for this month is entitled, "The Church According to Twitter." It is a series about making your relationship with Christ real, relevant and influential in the lives of the people that you know. If you have a twitter account you can find me at russ_jones.