Morning People

On rare occasion I like morning. More often than not, I despise the letters A.M. I am sure that there is some medical, DNA, scientific explanation for this - I really don't care, I still don't like it. However, 70% of people are morning people. They feel that they are the most productive between the hours of 5 - 11:59 A.M. Also, people who earn more than $70,000 a year typically are morning people. Hmmm. That last one got your attention didn't it? So why the rant?

How much an hour are you worth? I didn't say how much you were getting paid, especially in this economy most people are not getting paid what they are worth. But how much are you worth and hour? $25, $50 a $100! Work like what you are worth and someday you can get paid what your are worth. I know, it doesn't seem fair, but let me rant on.

I have seen people who worked like what they were worth, didn't get paid what they were worth, eventually get promoted to a job that did pay them what they deserved. Then I have seen people who just did as little as possible, gripe about what they should be getting and stay in their dead end job for the rest of their lives. Now let's come full circle.

If I am worth a $100 an hour, then that means I need to produce $800 a days worth of work! Tall order isn't it? So what does this have to do with morning? I need to do at least $400 worth of work before lunch! There my challenge I need to overcome. So what are your challenges keeping your dreams from becoming reality.