Marriage and Life

Some look upon marriage as the "ol ball and chain". Some see it as boring, dull and mundane. When we have a bad attitude towards marriage, we are also taking a bad attitude towards life. Let me explain.

The Bible says that the the two shall become one. One what? It's a little hard for us to understand but when we married our spouse God no longer looked upon us as two people, but now as one unit. That doesn't mean that He doesn't understand your needs or desires as they apply to you. But His response to our needs will take into consideration what our spouse needs and desires also. As long as the two have each others best interests in mind at all times, then they can enjoy the fullness of God's blessings in their life.

As far as marriage making life boring all I can say is, "What's wrong with you!!" The greatest adventures you will experience are the ones you share with those you love. If you get married but still want to hang out with your "friends" and do the things you did before you were married, my educated guess is - your not mature enough to get married. I know that might sting, but again, your not understanding something. Your priorities change because you found someone in your life whom you are willing to die for. I know you love your friends, but they must take a back seat to your marriage and family.

When you begin to see your life through the eyes of another - there is nothing more beautiful that the sight of their joy and happiness that comes from your heart.