Year 2

I haven't blogged lately, been thinking about a new direction for this blog really. Got some ideas, but I talk a little more about that later.

This is the 2nd year I didn't get to make a phone call. To call my Dad and wish him a happy fathers day. I know that we should keep in contact with our dads all the time and let them know that we love and appreciate them. But for some of you that is hard. In my case it is impossible. A couple of years ago, my dad passed away. But death has a lot of interesting facets to it.

For some people the relationship is dead because of abuse, selfishness or circumstances beyond ones control. Some fathers are in jail or just lost somewhere out there - out of reach, out of contact. The pain of broken relationships is more than one can bear. Talking to them brings back to many memories or causes to much trouble.

At some point and time all I can tell you is, "Get over it." The chances of some radical change taking place are slim and none. When it does take place, it's usually due a crisis situation which cuts future opportunities short. Make the call, try. Even if it doesn't go well this time - it's a starting point. Why? Because some Fathers Day it will be year 2.