Keeping Up

I'm back to blogging after a small hiatus. Necessary really since life has been a little overwhelming. Not that it isn't still overwhelming me in one way or another, but I am just adjusting to it's constant demands with some wisdom and knowledge. So for a quick update here we go:
- We are still waiting on a response from the bank about the house. We are in week 6 or 7 (for an exact timeline ask Betty).
- We are currently working on getting a new church sign.
- I have and am still changing how I mange my time and resources. (This is a MAJOR endeavor).
- I am trying to get better connected to the world around me. That isn't easy!
- I will try to blog more about things I know about, personal life issues, major current events, pentecost and koinonia, conflict resultions, worship music and more. so......

Let's see what the summer brings and accept more of what God already has in store for us!