Connecting to Wisdom

Right before I went on vacation I was doing a series on Connections. So let's go on to the next connection - wisdom.

Most people believe that if you read more, go to school, get great grades, do the research, etc. you will be wise. These things don't make you wiser, just smarter. Knowledge is a key to wisdom, but just knowing stuff doesn't make you wiser. Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge in any given situation. Making proper decisions that honor God before anyone else. Some say it is the ability to make sacrifices when necessary. There is an attitude that must accompany wisdom. This attitude is willing to think of others more than yourself. The ability to give rather than being greedy. I have never seen a greedy person make wise decisions. So where do we get wisdom? From God of course. Read James 1: 5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."

So what has God provided as sources of wisdom?

The Bible - God's Word is overflowing with wisdom for our lives. To start with we have to READ it! No it isn't easy. If it were, we probably wouldn't appreciate the wisdom we get from it.
Each Other - Other Christians experiences through life will give us wisdom. However, if we don't hang around Christians, we will never gleen from their wisdom.
Small Groups - Now combine the Bible with a group of Christians and what do you get? This is why we encourage everyone to be a part of a small group whether it is Sunday School, Wednesday Life Groups or some other offering that can minister to you.
Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit will give us wisdom. This requires us to spend time in prayer. Listening to the Holy Spirit and His guidance in our lives.
Pastors/Teachers - God has called people to give their life in service to Him. Among them are those who specifically help you discover the wisdom of God in your life. They teach from or preach from the Word of God - practically applying the Bible to everyday life.

It is Satan's plan to keep you stupid. If he can convince you that the Bible is to hard to read, that Christians are nothing but hypocrites, that you don't need anyones help, that church is a waste of time, that all Christian leaders are corrupt in some way, that religion is a way to control you - then you will never be able to receive His wisdom into your life. Don't let Satan convince you to stay away from wisdom. Run to it and let it bless you! Make a connection!