Connecting To This World

Most people think that Christians are boring. That's because they don't understand how we work. This world thinks that anything that happens to you starts from the outside and works it's way in. Education, happiness, attitude - everything! Christians are wired completely differently. Change for us starts from the inside and works it's way out. This world is desperately trying to find something to fill it's heart but doesn't understand that real life starts with Jesus in your heart.

So what does that have to do with us connecting to our world?

Jesus understood that people wouldn't allow Him into their hearts until their felt needs had been impacted in some way. It's called compassion. When we as the church learn to reach people with compassion, then they will pay attention to what we have to say.

So what can you do?
1 - Use what you have. If you they need a coat, and you have one to give away ....
2 - Use what you have been gifted with. What can you do for them that they can't do for themselves.
3 - Show them unconditional love. If Jesus isn't turning them away, then you don't have the option to.
4 - Pray for them. Miracles have a way of getting peoples attention. FYI - Sometimes you have to tell them that God did that for them. Don't let them credit luck with God's handiwork.

For most of us, investing our lives into other people is risky business. A risk we don't or will not take. That's Satans way for shutting the church down. I don't like to admit this, but He has almost got away with it. If we want to change our world NOW! This this is step 1. Make a difference in everyones life today!!