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Keeping Up

I'm back to blogging after a small hiatus. Necessary really since life has been a little overwhelming. Not that it isn't still overwhelming me in one way or another, but I am just adjusting to it's constant demands with some wisdom and knowledge. So for a quick update here we go: - We are still waiting on a response from the bank about the house. We are in week 6 or 7 (for an exact timeline ask Betty). - We are currently working on getting a new church sign. - I have and am still changing how I mange my time and resources. (This is a MAJOR endeavor). - I am trying to get better connected to the world around me. That isn't easy! - I will try to blog more about things I know about, personal life issues, major current events, pentecost and koinonia, conflict resultions, worship music and more. so...... Let's see what the summer brings and accept more of what God already has in store for us!

The Day That Pop Music Died

To learn that two of my childhood icons have died is a bit much. Farrah Fawcett will always be a Charlie's Angel to us. (FYI - I am not talking about the movie). Her fight with cancer has been highly publicized so her passing, while sad was not surprising. But then a few hours later. A heart attack, a trip to the hospital and then the announcement. Michael Jackson is dead at age 50. What a sobering thought. The news hit us so hard that it almost crashed the internet. Years ago, an icon of music, Buddy Holly Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper (Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr.) died in a plane crash. Don McLean wrote the song about it entitled "American Pie" which included the line, "... the day the music died." In 1977 (I was 13) I was playing in my Grandmothers front yard with my cousin visiting from California. Someone stuck their head out the front door and yelled. "Elvis is dead!" My cousin and I were wondering what all the fuss was about.

Year 2

I haven't blogged lately, been thinking about a new direction for this blog really. Got some ideas, but I talk a little more about that later. This is the 2nd year I didn't get to make a phone call. To call my Dad and wish him a happy fathers day. I know that we should keep in contact with our dads all the time and let them know that we love and appreciate them. But for some of you that is hard. In my case it is impossible. A couple of years ago, my dad passed away. But death has a lot of interesting facets to it. For some people the relationship is dead because of abuse, selfishness or circumstances beyond ones control. Some fathers are in jail or just lost somewhere out there - out of reach, out of contact. The pain of broken relationships is more than one can bear. Talking to them brings back to many memories or causes to much trouble. At some point and time all I can tell you is, "Get over it." The chances of some radical change taking place are slim a

Did You Buy Any Of This Stuff?

I almost forgot to blog today. You're gonna love this. Baby Food for Single Adults? Colgate Frozen Dinners? Cheetos Balm?

Yes, I know . . .

Yes, I know I am going to take some flack for this one. But it's still true. Click on the pic and you will see.

Yes This Really Happened!

I have to say, Brian Vickers and Team Red Bull gave some New Yorkers a first hand experience to NASCAR that was way cool!!

Connecting To This World

Most people think that Christians are boring. That's because they don't understand how we work. This world thinks that anything that happens to you starts from the outside and works it's way in. Education, happiness, attitude - everything! Christians are wired completely differently. Change for us starts from the inside and works it's way out. This world is desperately trying to find something to fill it's heart but doesn't understand that real life starts with Jesus in your heart. So what does that have to do with us connecting to our world? Jesus understood that people wouldn't allow Him into their hearts until their felt needs had been impacted in some way. It's called compassion. When we as the church learn to reach people with compassion, then they will pay attention to what we have to say. So what can you do? 1 - Use what you have. If you they need a coat, and you have one to give away .... 2 - Use what you have been gifted with. What ca

Connecting to Wisdom

Right before I went on vacation I was doing a series on Connections. So let's go on to the next connection - wisdom. Most people believe that if you read more, go to school, get great grades, do the research, etc. you will be wise. These things don't make you wiser, just smarter. Knowledge is a key to wisdom, but just knowing stuff doesn't make you wiser. Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge in any given situation. Making proper decisions that honor God before anyone else. Some say it is the ability to make sacrifices when necessary. There is an attitude that must accompany wisdom. This attitude is willing to think of others more than yourself. The ability to give rather than being greedy. I have never seen a greedy person make wise decisions. So where do we get wisdom? From God of course. Read James 1: 5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." So what h

Life Is Good!

So what do you do your first day back from vacation? I recovered from a week of activities, driving and family gatherings. Wow what a whirlwind! I really never did get bored. We went to Shipshewana to eat Amish food and see some sites. Visited Notre Dame and enjoyed their beautiful campus. Stopped by the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. Saw Indiana University in Bloomington (Betty's sister manages a pizza restaurant across the street). Saw the movie UP. (Go see it!) And went to Betty's home church in South Bend. Southgate Church (Assembly of God). It was cold (45 degrees at one point.) Then it got to 80 degrees (of course it was right before we fly out.) Most of all Betty got to see her mom and the rest of her family, while Anneka got to reconnect with her cousins.

Coming Home

Tomorrow we come home. We have had a wonderful time here in Indiana. But we are looking forward to seeding everyone soon.

Mothers Bear Pizza

I discovered this great pizza restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana. Mothers Bear Pizza. If you love south Chicago Pizza with great toppings and quality - you will love this place. Really, I don't write reviews on restaurants on a whim. This is really great and I encourage you to try it out. Oh, and if you so stop by, ask to see the manager Karen. Tell her that you know Russ and Betty Jones. Really! She is Betty's sister. You won't get your food for free, but the service will improve (if you promise to leave a big tip - which you better.) Karen is Betty's sister. Hey! What's nepotism for?

I'm Back!!

Finally!! An internet connection! I've been looking for someplace where I can blog! Starbucks? Nope! The Mall? Nope! I've tried to find neighbors who have internet service I could "borrow" for a few minutes. Someone told me that Burger King might have free internet. Burger King? Oh! I'm in our hotel room in Bloomington, So here is the question. Is it "free" internet if you paid for the room? Here are some pics so far.

Time Warp

We are in Indiana for the week visiting Betty's side of the family. It's cold (55 - 75 degress) and wet. So I didn't come here for the weather! I get up this morning and coffee was prepared in this... And I ironed my clothes with one of these! WHERE AM I!!!