Today's Lesson - Patience (NO! Don't Leave!!)

Tempted to hit a browser button weren't you? Well patience isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We all have our limits, there is no doubt about that. But this house hunting thing is really pushing mine to it's limits. Now I am the person who held off going to the hospital for 12 hours with a kidney stone. I am the same person who waited 20 years for his first (and only) daughter to arrive. Yet waiting for someone to tell you if they have accepted or rejected your offer is brutal. Don't misunderstand me, the waiting for "the call" isn't the problem. Dealing with my wife who can't wait for "the call" is driving me crazy.

How do you have patience with someone who is being impatience? I love my wife and I'm sure that we are going to live through this (well pretty sure.) But she is driving me crazy!! And today's lesson? The real test of our patience isn't what we do, but why we do it? I found my patience and got control yesterday before I did or said something I would regret later. (Don't worry nothing illegal or immoral) Where was my patience? It was in my love for my wife. When we love people as Jesus loves us, we will have as much patience as we need. Patience that doesn't enable, but patience that promotes life and hope.


Betty said…
Wait a minute!!! Who is the skunk in your picture?? Is that suppose to to be me???