I'm excited about the future!

Why not? Some people dread tomorrow like it was their last day to be alive. Then there are those who live today like it is their last day to be alive. That's one of the great things about being a Christian. I don't have to worry about the "last day". We don't have one. Sure we die. The Bible says that it is appointed unto man to die. But it also says that to be absent from our bodies means that we are with God. Nice! So even if I am not here, I'm there. Living everyday! So why am I excited?

- Anneka, graduates Kindergarten. I know this isn't high school, but still it's pretty cool.
- We are trying to buy a house! That would be great. Did you know that during our whole marriage we have never lived in a house, not even a rented one?
- I'm looking forward to next months Sunday series. The End! I haven't preached about the Rapture or Revelation in a long time.
- Some projects are finally starting to come together. I know some of you think that everything falls into place just like it is suppose to when it is suppose to. WRONG! Nothing comes easy.
- The church is growing! We have seen a jump in attendance in the last 6 weeks. Yahoo!
- The devil is fighting us. It's the usual stuff but none the less it is good news when the enemy thinks you are doing something worth his time.
- There is clarity in vision. It really feels good when you can see the big picture with clarity.
- Good people are doing great things! We are surrounding ourselves with some of the greatest people who will make a difference.
- I think Fathers day is going to be one of the greatest days we have ever seen at FFWC. Really! Tim is preaching and they are driving in from Miami and WPB to see this.
- Speaking of Tim, he is finishing up his paperwork for DSOM and will be applying for his credentials soon! I love it when a plan comes together.

There is a lot more I can be thankful for. But blogs are not suppose to be this long. So let me conclude with this.

Sure there are a lot of things wrong that need to be addressed. I have to admit, I have to fight off depression when I think about some of them. But I have to choose a POV that is going to produce the opportunities for a blessing not wallow in the present. Is today perfect? No way! Tomorrow isn't looking that good either. But I am here to tell you that we are working on what is wrong and enjoying what is right. God has a plan and it is prospering us and giving us a bright future! Are you with me?


Anonymous said…
It's true when you get the devils attention you must be going in the right direction with God, it reminds of a time my 7 year old told me " just yell at the devil "get back down there where you belong!" pointing at the ground". Out of the mouth of children! We just tend to complicate it. ---Taneal
Anonymous said…
Great Blog!!!
Anonymous said…
Well Said!