How Much Are You Worth?

I was recently reading a book that asked me this question. It isn't a spiritual book or a book about Jesus. It is a business book. I was to answer the question, "How much am I worth an hour?" Then once you answered that question, start working like it.

Now bear with me a few moments, I am going somewhere with this.

If you say that your worth $10 an hour, then go get a job that pays that. There are plenty of those out there. If you say that your worth $50 an hour, then go for it. The reason for the question is this. Do you work like it? I don't get paid $100 an hour - but that's what I'm worth. So I work like it. You may not get $50 an hour, but do you work like it? My profession may be the exception to this rule, but if you work like $50 someday your going to get paid $50.

So how much are you worth? It has been said that we are worth the life's blood of Jesus, the Son of Man, Son of God, King of kings and Lord of lords. The question really is, Do you live like it? Every hour of every day, do you live like you are worth the blood of your Savior?